Introducing the new CYCA Community Director

By John Kinsey

Kristan Huntley joined the CYCA family as our new Community Director this past January. Kristan already served the community as the Ad Sales Manager for the Lamplighter, a role that she will continue to play in addition to her Community Director responsibilities. The hope is that one person doing both jobs will make it easier for advertisers and members alike.

Kristan comes to the CYCA with many neighborhood credentials. In addition to her role with the LampLighter, she has served on the CYCA Board of Directors, where she chaired the Beautification Committee. Under her watch the Beautification Committee held Progressive Dinners and the Photo with Santa event to raise funds for the McLean Mural Project. As a result of her experience, she is well versed in the ins and outs of our organization. In addition, with her knowledge of computers and technology, it is my hope that she will be able to increase the efficiency of the CYCA so that we can be more effective as an organization. Before taking the role of Community Director, Kristan worked for both Southwest Community College and ALSAC.

Please join me in congratulating Kristan on her new role.


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