A worthy cause – win or lose

By Debbie Sowell

On December 31, 2010 we closed the books on the Smallest User Grant Contest with Cooper-Young in the lead. We get the prize; we get the glory. We can be proud of our community and what we have accomplished together. All the data that was collected proves that we are making a difference. In fact, Cooper-Young blew the control group out of the water! Nevertheless, let us not be finished with this important fight.

Throughout the past year many of you attended meetings and forums, you posted on blogs, you read emails and Lamplighter articles, you adjusted your lifestyle, and you spent your weekends doing home improvement projects, all in the name of energy conservation. The benefits are yours to have and to hold. You have the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing your part for the planet, as well as helping your pocketbook. Please continue to turn those lights out, turn down the temperature on your hot water tanks, and install those digital thermostats. Continue to look at your homes periodically and think, “What can I do to help lower my energy bill?” Go ahead and be selfish! It is all good for mother earth!

I would like to thank those who worked behind the scenes to make this competition happen.  Evergreen’s leaders were Chris Morton and Bill Bullock. The University of Memphis Journalism Department was a Smallest User sponsor, and the staff and students worked to form surveys, come up with campaign ideas, and maintain the blog. So, thank you Ashley Akin, Dr Morgan D. Arant, Jr., Beena White, and Dr. Rick Fischer for your hard work on this project. In addition, I’d like to thank Tom Chamberlain and Sydney Taylor of MLGW for their help. They were truly invaluable throughout this process.

Congratulations Cooper-Young! You did well. Now keep up the fight.


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