CY January clean up

By Kristan Huntley

On Saturday, January 8, several brave volunteers bundled up and came out to help clean up the area around the McLean trestle. There were many, many leaves packed on the sidewalk and the street, posing a pedestrian hazard and possible issue with storm water drainage. With an impending snow, the clean up was even more necessary and timely.

A big thank you goes out to our dedicated volunteers who were awesome! They were: David Early, Emily Bishop, James Mayo, Beverly Cooper, Brad Gilmer, and Chris Hardesty.

Many thanks to David Cleveland at Cortona for providing a warm place for us to gather as folks arrived at the Gazebo and a very special thanks to our friends at Stewart Brothers who donated two boxes of trash bags for the clean-up. They were much needed – after all the leaves and litter was gathered, we had 67 bags filled!

Keep an eye out for the next clean-up, and if you are interested in starting a block-level clean-up campaign or want to get involved with the Beautification Committee, please e-mail Kristan Huntley at


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