Police scanners to help City cash in on parking tickets

By Scott Madaus

Once upon a time in the city of Memphis you could get away with “sort of forgetting” about parking tickets. But according to City Court Clerk Thomas Long, those days are about to be long gone, and if you don’t pay up, you’ll get the boot. “If you owe us less than $500, we’ll put a boot on your car,” he said.

With the utilization of the license plate readers on some Memphis Police cars, they have the ability to read and uncover expired tags, warrants, and more in just a fraction of a second. But come this summer, Long says the long arm of the law and their overhead scanners will change the game completely.

“If you have outstanding tickets of more than 3 it will notify the police officer; at that point we will put a boot on the car.”
With a massive overhaul of their technology infrastructure, the MPD scanners will soon be able to catch those with major and minor parking violations red-handed.

“If you owe us more than $500 we won’t put a boot on, we’ll simply tow the car.” The project will also generate big revenue for the City of Memphis.
“After one year the ticket is abated, so now with the new technology we have we’ll be able to identify those individuals who have outstanding parking tickets and collect that revenue.”


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