The CYCA honors volunteers and supporters

By John Kinsey

At our annual Holiday and Volunteer Thank You Party in December, the Board presented two awards: the Alexia Hampton Memorial Award and the Friend of CY Award. The Alexia Hampton Award is presented in memory of a former board member who believed in the power of volunteers and who gave generously of herself to our community. It is presented annually to a non-board member who goes above and beyond in their service to Cooper-Young and the CYCA. The recipient is voted on by the Board at our November meeting and is only eligible to be selected for the award once.

The 2010 Alexia Hampton Memorial Award winner was Patrick Miller. Patrick moved to Cooper-Young just over three years ago. When it came time to find a house, he knew that CY was the place to be! His dedication to the improvement of the neighborhood and the CYCA includes working weekends as a member of the Beautification Clean-up Team, being an active participant and regular attendee at General Meetings, and helping with technology issues at the office. His biggest contribution to date is his work on our website. Patrick led the charge and contributed weeks of manpower to update our website to an easier to navigate model. The new site is more user-friendly and allows for comments by anyone in the world. Since January 2010 the redesigned site received more than 30,000 hits – over half of which were first time visitors.

The Friend of CY Award is given by the Board to a business owner or individual who has extended outstanding support to Cooper-Young and the CYCA. In 2010 this award was presented to Camy’s Food Delivery. Camy’s is known for pizza, but they do so much more. With regards to the CYCA and Cooper-Young, Camy and her crew have donated a great deal of food for our events. If you’ve ever volunteered or ran in the Festival 4 Miler, you probably have had some of their pizza. Camy’s also is a membership sponsor, providing discounts to our members. Finally and best of all, the owner of this restaurant, Camy Archer, is a long-time CY resident.

Thanks to Patrick and Camy for their hard work and giving spirit. I look forward to presenting these awards to other deserving recipients this December. Will it be you?


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