Cime Map for March LampLigher

The LampLighter is working with the CYCA to bring you meaningful crime information. In addition to the crime map, which details crimes within a one-mile radius of the Cooper-Young intersection, we also included a list of crimes that happened within our neighborhood. This list includes the case number, which you can use to contact the police. The crimes were reported from January 24, 2011 to February 23, 2011.

CASE #         Arrest  Offenses    DatE    100 Block
1102013580ME        Shoplifting/Misdemeanor    02/23/11       2100 CENTRAL
1102012381ME                Other Theft/Non-Specific     02/21/11        2200 YOUNG AVE
1102012167ME                Theft from Motor Vehicle     02/21/11        2200 YORK AVE
1102011780ME                Vandalism/Misdemeanor     02/20/11        1900 EVELYN
1102010854ME                Other Theft/Non-Specific      02/18/11         1000 COX
1102010763ME                Other Theft/Non-Specific      02/18/11      900 S COX
1102010605ME                Vandalism/Misdemeanor     02/18/11      900 S COX
1102010527ME                Burglary/Residential             02/18/11        900 S MCLEAN
1102009821ME                Other Theft/Non-Specific      02/17/11        1000 BLYTHE
1102009074ME                Burglary/Residential             02/16/11      1900 WALKER
1102008043ME                Other Theft/Non-Specific      02/14/11        2200 EVELYN
1102007759ME                Vandalism/Misdemeanor     02/14/11        2200 YOUNG
1102007473ME                 Robbery/Individual                 02/13/11        700 S COX
1102007039ME                Theft from Motor Vehicle     02/13/11        700 S BARKSDALE
1102006402ME                Theft from Building                 02/12/11        2100 YORK
1102000444SH                Drugs/Narcotics Violation/Felony     02/11/11      900 S MCLEAN BLVD
1102004512ME    yes       Simple Assault/DV                 02/08/11        2000 SAULSBURY
1102003958ME                Other Theft/Non-Specific      02/08/11        900 PHILADELPHIA
1102000733ME                Other Theft/Non-Specific      02/02/11        2200 YORK
1101021132ME                Other Theft/Non-Specific      01/31/11        1000 S COOPER
1101018650ME                Burglary/Residential             01/27/11        1900 YOUNG AVE


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