CYers get CERTified

By Sarah Frierson

First, we got the hard hat, the vest, the gloves, the mask, the goggles, the flashlight, and the whistle. Then, after 16 hours of rescuing our classmates, fighting fires, and wrapping bandages, we got the badge.
On Saturday, February 12, fifteen Cooper-Young residents received certification as Community Emergency Response Team members. The two-day course covered eight main subject areas: disaster preparedness, fire suppression (yes, we really did get to put out fires!), first aid, triage, light search and rescue, disaster psychology, hazardous materials, and terrorism.
CY President John Kinsey commented, “CERT training made me realize just how unprepared I am for an emergency. This goes beyond the basics of having enough food and water. I was not aware of what it takes to organize the search and rescue efforts that we will all face when and if a disaster hits Memphis. I encourage everyone to take the training so more people will know what to do to save our friends and neighbors when the time comes.”
It is our hope that by the end of the year, fifty residents will complete CERT training. We want to show the Emergency Management Agency (EMA) that we are the neighborhood that will set the example for the rest of Memphis.
The training is provided free of charge by the Memphis/Shelby County EMA, and classes are offered frequently throughout the year, on weekdays and weekends. If you would like
to join a CERT class, please go to or call 901-515-2605.
If anyone is interested in organizing another CY class, please let me know (, and I will be happy to help you get started. If you do get certified or if you have already completed the training, please send an email to and let us know. We want to make sure that we add you to our ever-growing list.
Get prepared today to help your family and friends tomorrow. Or, if saving lives isn’t your thing, just remember the hard hat, the vest, the gloves – cool gear and free admission!

CERT trained CY residents:
Glenn Althoff • Emily Bishop • David Early•Sarah Frierson • Elizabeth Holliday • John Kinsey Michael Michaud • Michael Michaud, Jr.•Michael Parnell • Kevin Pigott • Mary Ann Pigott Brad Schmiedicke • Judi Shellabarger • Michael Taylor • Wes Williamson


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