Goodwill discount location around the corner from CY

By Kimberly Crafton

Memphis Goodwill Incorporated recently announced that its retail store located at 574 Highland Avenue will become a half-price location, meaning that everything in the store will be discounted at 50 percent off. This new concept is being implemented at the Highland store only. All items in the store will be priced as they would in any other Memphis Goodwill retail store location, and the 50 percent discount will be applied at the register. The discount applies to everything in the store and is not a promotion, but rather a change in the way the store does business.
“People know they can get a great deal at any Memphis Goodwill retail store location, thanks to donations provided by residents of the Memphis area communities,” said Tony Martini, chief executive officer and president of Memphis Goodwill Inc. “Purchases made at our stores help us continue our mission of providing jobs for people with disabilities.”
The principle behind the change is to give the gently used donations another chance for a new home before they are taken to the Bargain Barn at 6899 Stage Road.
“This is another way we can sustain the green efforts of our organization,” said Dave Leutwyler, executive vice president of Memphis Goodwill. “This will help us keep even more merchandise out of the landfills and get it into the hands of consumers in Memphis. The Highland store, which is located just around the corner from The University of Memphis, is a great place for this concept.”
The Highland store is open Monday through Saturday from 9am-8pm and Sunday from noon-6pm. For more information, please visit


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