Robert & Mandy Grisham • Hannah Miller • April & Chris Scott • Kenneth R. Taylor • April Denise Johnson • Diane and Skye Sable • Bonnie or Peter Haub • Peter & Wilhelmina Alfonso
Ted & Kathryn Schurch • Glen Stovall • Rhonda Miles & Michael Michaud • Gail & Jim  Joblin • Shannon McKenna • David and Terry Guthrie • Michelle Belton & Carol Adams
David Mabury • Ashley Calliham & John Sabin • Marvin & Diane Johnson • Blair & Brandy DeWeese • Glen & Shelley Thomas • Philip Schwab or Heather Kolasinsky
Jana & Ken Robinson • Wes Williamson & James Sparks • Mike Taylor & Brian Fiorno • Randall Norwood • Jill McCullough • Adrian Friday • Kenneth & Hilarie Pulley
Sophorn & Christopher McRae • Emily Holmes & Paul Haught • Kristi Frisch & Trent Pitts • Beverly Waters • Trevor Robinson • John Zastrow • Orion & Nancy Miller • Teresa Sweeney
Katherine Turner • Susan Bedford • Billie, Violet & Pat Mitchell Worley • Jessica, Rachael & Alex Miller • Gerald & Katherine Dumlao •Julianna Donahue & Brad Christian

Pamela Higgins • Eliza S. Martin • Lynda C. Sowell • Lorinda Stanford Haynes • Mattie Freeman • Margie Smith • Chip Sneed • Edna Gabriel • Cecelia Chilton • Georgene Cachola
Sal Cachola

Chris McHaney & Debbie Sowell • Martha Jane Reed • Meredith Armstrong • Eileen Castine  • Justin Menard • Ty & John Browning • Alan & Cathie Cline
Amanda Kohr & Rachel Boldreghini  • Terry or Cynthia Lawrence • Arthur Williams • Caleb Simmons • David Hamrick • Laura Terry & Jim Brasher • Edward Greene

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David Huey • June and Justin Hurt • Chris and Jill Kauker • Terry and Cynthia Lawrence • Shannon Maris • Marjoire Palazzolo • Jenni, Andrew, Elena, and Cora Pappas
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