Spring happenings in the neighborhood

I don’t know about you, but I have never been so excited to see the pages of the calendar turn to March. Although this time of the year means windy days, I’m more than happy to have wind versus snow and ice. After a winter like this maybe we should pick up the neighborhood and move Cooper-Young to Florida! We could set up next to the prim and proper seaside and cause quite a raucous I’m sure!
In addition to wind, March brings a focus on pet safety to Cooper-Young. Sure we all know about heartworm pills and leashes, but what else do we need to know? The March General Meeting will focus on common and not so common ways to take care of pets during everyday events and emergencies. Additionally, special pet events will occur throughout the month. To learn more you can read the article on page 1 and come to the General Meeting on March 8 at the CYCA offices at 2298 Young. Social time begins at 6pm, with the presentation running from 6:30-7:30pm. Many thanks go out to the Safety Committee for pulling this month’s pet safety events together.
Back in February a team of Cooper-Young residents concluded their two day Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. I highly recommend this course to everyone. I came away with many new ideas such as having a fire extinguisher on every floor of my house as well as moving the current extinguisher to a more accessible location. See page 3 for more information on CERT training and how you can better prepare yourself for emergency situations.
A look ahead on the calendar shows that our annual Art for Art’s Sake Auction is right around the corner in April. Read the article on page 5 or check out our website, cooperyoung.org, for more information on how to volunteer, how to contribute, and how to buy tickets.

Peach in Cooper-Young,

John Kinsey


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