The CYCA Board proposes changes to the Bylaws

By John Kinsey

Every three years your CYCA Board reviews the CYCA Bylaws and makes changes to help better manage the organization. This year at the January Board Retreat several changes were suggested to update the Bylaws. The proposed amendments include:

Amendment 1 – Update the date of revision for the Bylaws to the April 12, 2011 annual
Amendment 1 – meeting to reflect when the amendments will come up for a vote.
Amendment 2 – Update Article IV, Section A to reflect the way our officer elections occur,
Amendment 2 – with the Vice President and Secretary being elected one year and the
Amendment 2 – President and Treasurer in the next year.
Amendment 3 – Update Article VII, Section D to reflect the name change of the Code
Amendment 3 – Enforcement Committee to the Code Awareness Committee.
Amendment 4 – Update Article VII, Section K to codify the Building Committee and its
Amendment 3 – purpose in the Bylaws.
Amendment 5 – Add Article VII, Section L to reflect the ability to add other committees
Amendment 5 – as needs arise.

Per the Bylaws, the membership of the CYCA votes at the annual meeting in April on these changes. This year’s annual meeting is to be held at the CYCA Office at 2298 Young Ave. at 6:30pm on Tuesday, April 12. We will also vote on the slate of nominees for Vice-President and Secretary.
The Bylaws with the current text and the suggested text can be read as a PDF in their entirety on our website, Text to be changed/removed will be shown with strikeouts, and the proposed text will be underlined. Text with formatting other than the underlining or strikeouts will be unchanged.


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