Income tax abuse

By Betty Lamarr

April is such a wonderful month. It is when the flowers really start to bloom, when the chilly weather starts to become a warm breeze, when Easter reminds us all of God’s love (or at least how much we like chocolate), and of course, when we get to file our taxes. Taxes may not bring a smile to your face like the thought of newly arriving spring, but they make some people in our community jump for joy.

Income tax abuse is more rampant than many of us would like to admit, and it brings in a flood of money to some very undeserving people. Sure, some of us get tax refunds for well deserved reasons. Many people buy a house, pay for tuition, donate to charity, or put money away in their 401(k). However, some take this wonderful time of year to pawn their kids off faster than an iPad at a Whitehaven yard sale. It is these particular individuals that I would like to focus my discussion on in the hopes that it brings awareness to the issue of income tax abuse.

Every year I am approached by at least one mother who asks me if I want to put her child on my taxes in exchange for part of the money I would receive on my tax refund. If they simply ask for $500 in return for the $1500 you could get back from the government, women who have multiple children can really benefit. If a woman has five kids and pawns them off for $500 each, it adds up to some decent cash. This is the same cash that most of us have to work for day in and day out.

Income tax abuse seems to reward the wrong people for the right things. It is not bad to have children, and it is good that the government understands that it takes money to feed those hungry mouths and clothe those fast growing bodies. However, it is not right for women to have children that they are unable to care for properly simply because of the financial benefit. It takes a certain amount of self-control (and birth control) to stop and think before you decide to get pregnant. Women need to discern what is best for their own life and for the lives of any children they bring into this world.

Women are not the only ones at fault. One might wonder suspiciously why the government does not see this flagrant abuse and cause it to cease. There is clearly a fault in the system that rewards people who cheat on their income taxes, whereas people who pay their bills on a regular basis are not awarded any type of similar benefit. Reward those who try to get off welfare by getting a job; don’t punish them by taking away their benefits as soon as they get one! All the current governmental system does is give people a reason to do something wrong, and punish those who try to do something right.

Those of us who work hard to earn a living should stand up for what we believe in. Don’t take these women up on their offers to use their children for financial gain. Instead, understand the true value of your integrity and stay honest while you strive to make constructive changes in the system. It may not be easy, but it is possible, and it is honorable.

Speaking of honesty and integrity, look out for next month’s article where I will discuss why women falsely accuse the wrong man for being the father of their children. This topic, highly requested by my male readers, should make for an interesting debate. Keep reading and discussing and know that I appreciate your great feedback. For questions or comments email me at or visit me at You can also find me every Tuesday at midnight on Comcast Channel 17.

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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