CYCA members enjoy discounted photography and massages

By Renée Massey
It’s June – the season of weddings. And did you know that being a member of the Cooper-Young Community Association can help you save money on wedding expenses? AM Photography is one of our generous membership sponsors. They offer discounted wedding packages and reduced session fees each time you show your membership card. If you’re not familiar with membership sponsors, let me fill you in! In addition to all the important things you support with your membership (like community clean-ups, security updates, missing pet notices, and our wonderful community director), you get the added benefit of discounts from our membership sponsors.
When we recently asked Amanda Hill of AM Photography about her sponsorship of the CYCA, here’s what she had to say: “My husband Jonathan and I love the attitude of community and unity that is present in CY. We love walking down the street with our dog and waving to people we know, eating outside on patios, and supporting local businesses. We love the community support of the arts and music, which was absent in the suburbs where we grew up. We both grew up in a neighborhood where we didn’t know our neighbors, and we decided to move here simply because of the community involvement, the easy access to Downtown, and the CY businesses. Being a membership sponsor has provided us with a chance to support the CYCA while advertising our services to our neighbors.” Amanda also reminded us, “We will be at Junebugs and Juleps on June 11 selling some of our southern inspired art work to benefit the Woodruff-Fontaine House Museum. We will also have a booth at the summer Bridal Rhapsody Bridal Show on July 10 and will be running a contest to provide one lucky bride with a free day of wedding coverage! Don’t miss it!” Check out AM Photography at or call 901-652-0432. And be sure to thank them for their support of our community!
Maybe you need to unwind before your scheduled photography session so that your photographs will reflect a relaxed and rejuvenated you. We have a membership sponsor that can help you with that, too! Calming Influence at 74 N. Cooper offers members a 5% discount each time they show their membership card on anything except gift certificates. Gene Elliott of Calming Influence recently discussed his sponsorship: “I’ve lived in CY for over 16 years. It’s where I was drawn to immediately because it felt so open and inviting. I try to take every opportunity I get to be connected to the area. The diversity is amazing. You can get fine dining, country cookin’, theatre, and massage all within a short distance from each other.” When asked how being a membership sponsor for the CYCA has affected his business, Gene said, “I just love it when clients are paying for their services and pull out their CY membership card. The way they mention the membership discount always sounds like they’re saying a secret password and makes me smile every time. It’s great being positively connected to CY residents and businesses. The only way we are all going to grow and prosper is to support each other’s endeavors.” He also noted, “We are very proud of our bodywork salon. Besides massage therapy and spa treatments, we have added two new services; Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (barefoot massage) and Structural Integration (a Rolf technique). These new services wonderfully compliment our other items on the menu.” You can watch a video of their therapist, Elena Akin, demonstrating Ashiatsu on the Calming Influence Facebook page or browse their website at
Join Calming Influence and AM Photography in supporting the CYCA by renewing your membership. With 7 months left in 2011, there is still plenty of time to take advantage of their discounted services…several times! You’ll be feeling our motto – life is good in Cooper-Young!

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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