CY residents display neighborhood pride at the 4 Miler

By Libby Flynt

One reason that Cooper-Young is the best neighborhood in town is that its residents consistently turn out to support these historic blocks. As you probably know, CY has its own Festival and race. But what residents may not realize is that a large percentage of the 2000 runners who participate in the race do not live in our neighborhood, or even our city or state. Some of us run these streets on our daily jogs with no one cheering us on, but the Festival Friday 4 Miler is our chance to show out-of-towners and non-CY Memphians how awesome our neighborhood is and how fiercely we support it’s excellence!

We want to show every runner, whether they have lived in Cooper-Young for 25 years or had to use their navigation to get to the race, how proud we are of our neighborhood. The most thrilling part of a race is running past strangers who are waving, cheering, and having a great time on the sidelines. If we can create a constant stream of cheerleaders along the race route, our runners will cross the finish line feeling like champions, will have an even better time at the post-race party, and will go home telling all their friends what a lively neighborhood we are.

Are you ready to show that neighborhood pride? Step one, take a look at the race route map on this page and see if runners will be footing it down your street. Chances are in this neighborhood, if the race doesn’t pass your home, you probably are friends with someone along the route.

Step two, parties are more fun to throw when you partner up and divide the work. Start talking to your friends and neighbors now and see what sort of creative ideas surface – themes, costumes, decorations, you name it. Block captains along the route may want to spearhead efforts in their section of the community. And for those who want to be involved but may be new to the neighborhood or looking to meet new people, head to the CY Festival 4 Miler Facebook page, post your interest on the wall, or connect with others who have posted. See you out on the streets Friday, September 16!

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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