Facebook helps CY pet owner reunite with lost dog

By Kristan Huntley

On May 13, a heartbreaking post went out from Kirsten Sandlin to the Cooper-Young Community Association Facebook page. Her 9-year-old daughter’s beloved Catahoula Leopard pup, Duchess, had escaped from their yard and was no where to be found. To top it off, Duchess had just torn loose from her collar and tags the week prior and the family had not yet had the chance to replace them. Kirsten, knowing the slim chance that a dog without tags or microchip would be returned safely, was distraught and in tears. Her daughter Brentley was out of town at the time, but she consoled her mom from afar, reminding her that this was the Cooper-Young neighborhood, and she was sure someone would find the dog and return her.

Duchess was a special and unexpected addition to the Sandlin family in the fall of 2010. The Sandlin’s neighbor was having work done on their home and the construction worker had found Duchess on Crump after nearly hitting her. When he stopped to check on the dog, she hopped into the cab of the truck. Being already late for work because of the scare, he obliged the dog and let her ride with him. Later in the day, Duchess wandered out of the neighbor’s yard, sauntered up the Sandlin’s porch, and plopped her big head in 9-year-old Brentley’s lap. Duchess had made a new friend and also helped fill a big void for Brentley – her big sister had just moved to France for school and she was missing her dearly. Duchess figured that’s just where she needed to be.

The Sandlin’s posted found dog fliers in the Crump area after learning the back story of the dog from the neighbor and construction worker, hoping to reunite her with her former owners who they felt must be missing her. After no one came forward, Duchess became a full-fledged Sandlin and Brentley’s furry best friend.

Out of desperation that May evening, Kirsten posted to the Cooper-Young Community Association Facebook page in hopes that someone would see Duchess. In no time, the message and photo went viral. The Sandlin’s neighbors that were on Facebook reposted the message to their walls, residents looked for Duchess while on their evening walk, a post went up on cooperyoung.org, tweets went out, and word quickly spread. From out of town Brentley was watching on Facebook, anxious but hopeful. Later that evening Brentley’s intuition was proved correct – a kind neighbor had found Duchess and placed her in their backyard for safe keeping and then came across the lost dog post. Duchess, the mischievous Sandlin, was back home safe and sound.

Kirsten moved to the Cooper-Young neighborhood in 2009 after living abroad and in several other US cities. The family loves this neighborhood and the amazingly tight knit community. Sometimes it takes the youngest CY residents to make you realize just how special a place Cooper-Young is.

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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