CY Regional Beerfest focuses on locally brewed, handcrafted beers

By Josh Spickler
According to Google Maps, the beer I’m drinking right now (a Magic Hat Blind Faith IPA) was brewed 1268 miles away from my Cooper-Young living room. And that’s okay, because unlike the vast majority of the beer consumed in the United States, my IPA was made by people who thought a lot about how it tastes. They happen to live half a continent away, but they are as passionate about their brewing in South Burlington, Vermont as they would be if they brewed it in my backyard (my backyard is available for brewing operations, by the way).
But the inescapable fact remains, that my delicious “Limited Engagement” ale has spent a fair amount of time in warehouses, trailers, and stock rooms, and that has affected its quality. Plus, there is almost no chance that I will ever bump into one of its brewers at Easy Way when I’m picking up some cilantro (it’s always cilantro) on my way home from work.
For a long time, beer-loving Memphians did not have access to fresh, locally-brewed beer. Of course, the good folks at Boscos and Ghost River have changed all that, and coming very soon, we’ll even be able to bring home Ghost River in bottles! With these welcome additions, Memphis is simply mirroring the nationwide craft brew trends.
Across the country, craft breweries are opening every day. There were 1753 breweries operating in 2010, the most since the late-1800s. Because of that, more and more Americans are discovering the joy of beer brewed by people they know – or at least people they’d like to know and not robots who are known to use rice, corn, and occasionally, Fruity Pebbles in their beer.
Well, because we hate beer-brewing robots and want all Memphians to know the joy of fresh beer, the Cooper-Young Regional Beerfest is back! On October 15, brewers from within a one day’s drive of Memphis will be in Cooper-Young with some of their best beers. Better yet, they’ll be available to discuss their beers, their brewing techniques, and how they’ve managed their breweries without robots.
In this, our second year, we’ll have more beer, more education, more shade, more places to sit, and even more good times than last year. Tickets are on sale now at the CYCA office, and other locations around town. Check the website for details. While we are adding a few extra tickets this year, they are still limited, and we expect to sell out again. So, get your tickets now and get ready for the best beer festival in Memphis. Robots need not apply!

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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