2011 Cooper-Young Festival music lineup

By Tamara Cook
Cooper-Young Festival is proud to announce that the headliner for our 24th year is Grammy Nominated Sid Selvidge. Sid Selvidge has endured in the American folk scene with a genial yet uncompromising attitude toward his work. He hopes you’ll like his music, but it’s more important that he likes it first. For such a well-regarded recording artist, Sid Selvidge is unusual in maintaining an atypical, almost studied indifference toward the spotlight over his decades-spanning career.
When faced with an artistic fork in the road, Selvidge has contentedly taken the path leading right back to home. Because home has long been Memphis and because Selvidge is a native of the Mississippi Delta, the texture he has fashioned through a lifetime of work cross fades between 60s coffeehouse anthems, plaintive Anglo folk balladry, and across-the-tracks African-American musical influences. Selvidge, whose career crisscrosses with Memphis musical luminaries such as Big Star’s Alex Chilton, producer Jim Dickinson, and bluesman Walter “Furry” Lewis, stands as close to the pure, bubbling epicenter of mid-20th century Southern popular music as anyone. Hewing to his own musical compass over the years speaks not only to his free-range musical ability but also to the fact that Selvidge is the embodiment of Memphis’ most heartfelt musical mantra, a true-to-the-music ethic that unveils itself as creative compulsion instead of commercial ambition.

Main Stage
12:15pm – U of M Jazz Quartet
1:15pm – Glorie
2:15pm – Karen Brown
3:15pm – Pegasus Actual
4:15pm – Tim Terry
5:15pm – Sid Selvidge & Friends
The Main Stage, located on Young Avenue just west of Cooper, is sponsored by Coors Light.
Memphis Drum Shop Stage
12:30pm – Tout Le Mon
1:30pm – Pat Register and the Gang
2:30pm – Bonafide
3:30pm – Blue Mother Tupelo
4:30pm – Memphis DefTonz
The Memphis Drum Shop Stage, located at the corner of Young and Meda, is a new addition this year highlighting a selection of Memphis artists known for their rock/pop/R&B flair.
Visible Music College
12:15pm – It’s Love (Sara Jo and Yungtown with band)
1:15pm – Darien Clea and band
2:00pm – Yancy and Yancy
2:35pm – the beep – rock and roll/
electronica w/Ken Steorts
3:35pm – Donte Everhart
4:35pm – Cayerio
The Visible Music College Stage, located in the First Congregational Church parking lot, will highlight musicians, sound technicians, and bands that are connected with this local Memphis college.

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The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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