2011 CY Festival vendor booth list

Section A
A1    T-Mobile
A2-3    Sweet Grass
A4-5    CYCA – Official Festival T-shirts
A6    Lali’s Designs
A7    House Of Mews
A8    Servo Group LLC
A9-10    Artistic Impressions by Dottie Harness
A11    Art by Jenna
A12    Portraits by Caroline
A13-14    New Contemporary Works By Amery
A15    Hats,etc. by Trudy
A16    Toonies
A17    Albert Cook Plumbing
A18    BOH Creations
A19    Buckeye Hollow
A20-21    Dilly & Dough
A22-23    Spring River Candles
A24    Barefoot Bridal Boutique
A25-26    Midtown Accupunture
A27-29    Generation Glass
A30    Solstice Studios
A31    Judy Vandergrift
A32    Uncanny Effects
A33    Blue Sky Tie Dye
A34-35    Celtic Crossing
A36    Hand-Carved Wooden Gifts
A37    Infractum Studios
A38    Daniel Tacker Originals
A39    Gavin’s Yard Art and Bottle Trees
A40    Billy Moore Folk Art
A41    The Work of His Hands Photography
A42    Vintage Clothing and Art
A43    Garden Delights
A44    Unique Gifts
A45    Creative Canvases
A46    Antiques & Collectable Glassware
A47    Backwoods Toys
A48    Artfully Yours!
A49-50    Sjum Artisans
A51    Through the Portals
A52    Debbie Sew Busy
A53    Memphis Stained Glass Creations!
A54    Winfrey Clay & Metal Works
A55-56    Ledman/Lunsford Art
A57    FeeFiFibby
A58    Creative Wire Jewelry
A59    Marjorie Mebane Originals
A60    For the Love of Vintage
A61    Southland Park Gaming and Racing
A62    Marokel Jewelry
A63    Dorothy Spencer’s Art
A64    Tall Cotton Photography
A65    Imagine Brazil
A66-67    Graffiti Graphics Hand Painted Tshirts
A68    John D’s Wood Things
A69    Sweet Ella’s Emporium
A70    Elaine Neeley
A71    Kingfisher Designs Jewelry
A72    Anderson Pottery
A73    Little Dead Things
A74    Southern Silverworks
A75    Tutu Parade
A76    K. Signature
A77    Fischers
A78    Sundry Blossoms
A79    Painting by Kristi
A80    Emily Allison Studios
A81    Wolfden Ironworks
A82    smARTists
A83    Metal and Mud Design
A84    Jenna Williams Photography
A85    Mr. Sogs Creatures
A86    Chandler and Olly
A87    Earthcrafts
A88    Stevieville
A89    Southern Soy
A90    Joy Wright
A91    Open
A92    Wooden Hands
A93    All for Arts
A94-95    Cabin Dreamworks
A96    Just*A*Tad Crosses and Such
A97-98    The Eclectic Artist
A99    J’s Eye
A100    Poplar Ridge Pottery
A101    On the Avenue
A102    Love Nation Creations
A103    Darby Drake Jewelry & Design
A104    Friends for Our Riverfront
A105    Zebra Marketing
A106    Isabelle Designs
A107    Graywood Creations
A108    Pong Masters
A109    Down South Country Candles
A110    Greater Memphis Greenline
A111    All Wired Up
A112    Hue Handmade Designs by Jenny Houston
A113-114         Beer
A115    Nutty Bavarian Concessions
A116    Knotty
A117    Toadilly Handmade
A118    Looking Glass Vintiques
A119    Castle Delites
A120    WEVL FM 89.9
A121    J & V Specialties
A122    Lauren Carlson Art
A123-24  Dell Clark
A125    Burke’s Books
A126    James Richardson Photography
A127    Rene Nickel
A128    Certo Italian Handcraft
A129    Canvas Art
A130    Dinah Makowsky Millinery
A131-32    FlyBaby Designs
A133    PAEAYA
A134    New World Henna
A135    Snow Lake Pottery
A136    Gurley Gurl Design
A137    On the Rag Designs
A138    Art N Things
A139    Silver Leaf Jewelry
A140    Playhouse on the Square
A141    BEBO Folk Art
A142    Painted by Holly
A143-44     SJS Images
A145    AngiArt and Pottery by Sandy
A146-47    Pronto Pups Concessions
A148    Lenny’s Sub Shop
A149    Atticdwellers
A150    Joanz N Studios
A151    Literacy Mid-South
A152    J.R.’s Pillows
A153    Hoot Vintage
A154    Patricia Louriero Jewerly
A155    Power’s Design and Studio
A156-57    Oh.la.La. Beads
A158    Olive This Art
A159    Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis
A160-61    MGLCC
A162    Mid-South Pride
A163    Happy Hippie
A164    Quail Creek
A165    Leslie Turner Designs
A166    Artsy Fartsy
A167    Lakeshore (Camp and Retreat Center)
A168    Funky Ladies Studio
A169    Uniquely Vintage
A170    WhimZ Art by EVA
A171    Wilmot Originals
A172    Bro-De Originals
A173    David Johnson Ceramics
A174    Salvation Army Kroc Center
A175-76    Memphis Drum Shop
A177    Sponsor
A178    Apothecary Fairy
A179    MPM Designs
A180    Art by Susan
A181-82     Lisa Balton
A183-84    J & L Hobby Shop
A185    Boyd-Randolph Designs
A186-87    Soul Fish Café
A188    Twisted Square Art
A189    Gigi’s Flair
A190    Nick Maggio
A191    Ole Don’s Craft Shoppe
A192    Unique Flatwear
A193    Adeli Designs
A194    Jan Bennett-Troutt
A195    HPC
A196    Vanishing Pearl
A197    Rick DeStefanis Southern Originals
A198    J. Lizzie Designs
A199    Sweater Therapy
A200    Woodvine Design
A201    Rixwoodwurx
A202-03    Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
A204    Summerwinds Resorts
A205    Wolf Ridge Crafts
A206    Liz’s Art
A207    Designs by Mindy
A208    Winking Girl Designs
A209    Heifer International
A210    Paintings by R.Pike/Jewelry by M.Gaubert
A211    Memphis Brooks Museum of Art
A212    Betty Robinson
A213    Old South
A214    John Sperry
A215    Gifted Hands
A216    Garden of Aden
A217    Smashed Vintage
A218    Sweet Arts
A219    Manos de Madres
A220    Ficklesticks
A221    Ryan Hollis Photography
A222    Bill Day Cartoon Art
A223    Kingfish Metal Works
A224    Art with Hope
A225    The Dancing Brush
A226    Memphis Freethought Alliance, Inc.
A227    Playing with Fire
A228-29 J & S Designs
Section B
B1    Mewtopia Cat Rescue
B2    Indie Memphis Film Festival
B3    ShoveIt Designs
B4    Art by KHaze
B5    Covenant Creek Farm
B6    Glassical, Imagination Welcome
B7    Trinkets and Treasures
B8    Tootledoo Designs
B9    Open
B10-11    Boathouse Chair Company
B12    Green Seas
B13    ScatterBrained Collars
B14    Lil McKH Jewelry
B15    Kelly Gourds
B16    The Blues Foundation
B17-20    Open
B21    Boyd’s Photography
B22    Creative Home Solutions, LLC
B23    P & G Creations
B24    On Location: MEMPHIS
B25    Bob X Art
B26    Live from Memphis
B27    Methodist Health Care
B28    Ed Wade Studios
B29    McCarter Coasters
B30    Lester Jones
B31    Goner Records
B32    Pawprint Clothing Company
B33    Imagine Vegan Café
B34    Lou’s Pizza
B35    ARTjamN
B36-37    Young Avenue Glassworks
B38-39    Yvonne Bobo Studio
B40    Elke’s Bees
B41    Memphis 38104
B42    Java Cabana
B43    Inked Memphis
B44    The Purple Door
B45-46     Lalosh Silver
B47    Bows and Girls
B48    Brooke’s Beads
B49    Shannagains
B50    Greatful Art
B51    Craft KM
B52    Winchester Wares
B53    Something New
B54    Airbrush Tattoo’s
Section C
C1    Chuck’s Retro Art & Accessories
C2    Lizi Beard-Ward
C3    Fused Glass Earrings
C4    Bryan Blankenship Pottery and Fine Art
C5    Darla Linrode Henson/Robert McCarroll
C6    Artwork by Barry Joyce
C7    Theogeo Design and Photography
C8    Steve Womack State Farm Insurance
C9    Lisa Hudson Pottery
C10    Christenberry’s Creations
C11    Johnny Hulgan Photography
C12-13    Tracy Parish Collectibles
C14    Rainbow Yarn & Fibres
C15    Martha Kelly Art
C16    N. Phillippe Art & Design
C17    Mr. Hyde’s Custom Leather
C18    Aluminations
C19-20    Tino Tie Dyes
C21    Nikolai Plavski – The Artist
C22    Desert Destiny Designs
C23    TaroPop
C24-25    Stone Soup Café & Market
C26    Empty Nest Studio
C27    Sierra Club
C28    Mark Mckie Vintage Records/Collectables
C29    Citizens to Preserve Overton Park
C30    2friendshomemade
C31    Charlie D’s
C32    TCBY
C33    Sponsor
C34    Do Sushi
C35-36    Beauty Shop
C37    Giving Memphis Past A Future
C38    Bell Fine Art Jewelers
C39    Jennifer Hyatt Iron Garden Art
C40    Open
C41    Crop Circle Designs
C42    In Stitches Handknit Crafts
C43    A.N.A. Designs
C44    Opera Memphis
C45     Congo – Global Goods For Trade
C46    Congo – Memphis Area Gay Youth
C47    Congo – Peace and Justice Center
C48    Congo – Defense Depot Memphis
C49    Congo – Revolutions Bike Shop
C50     U Name It!Letter Photography
C51-52    Filigree/Jessica Thompson Design
C53    Wolf River Conservancy
C54    Eco-Art Creative Meal Recycling
C55    D&J Creations
C56    Susanglass and Helsbells Beads
C57    Distracted Renegade
C58    Sticky Feet
C59    K and J Designs
C60    Friends For Life
C61    Habitat for Humanity/Habitat Restore
C62    Nicolette Jewelry
C63    AEBDesign
C64-65    Human Decor
C66    Antebellums
C67    Georgie Grace Ink
C68    LifeLink
Section D
D1    KC’s Clip Joint
D2    Irish Creations
D3    Classy Bag Ladies
D4    Trinkets and Bauble in Sterling
D5    KMT Creations
D6    Anago Samina
D7    Painting
D8    Makeda’s Cookies
D9    Smashing Threads
D10    Memphis Roller Derby
D11    Girls Night Out Parties- For Girls Only
D12    Precious Cargo Covers
D13    Cre8art Studios
D14    Tennessee Equality Project
D15    The Bead Goes On!
D16    Divas and Dudes – A Children’s Shop
D17    Sistas’ Doin’ it for Themselves
D18    L & M Creations
D19    SK Inspired
D20-21    Hippie Geek
D22    2 Million Dogs
D23    Three Sisters Bow Boutique
D24-25    Eclectic Indulgences
D26    The Freckled Frog
D27    Tana’s Treasures
D28    Groovy Gurlz
D29    emmecollectionusa
D30    MaryG Bags
D31    Blues City Skates
D32    Heavenly Essence Skin Care
D33-34    Arcade Classics
D35    Memphis Bonsai Society
D36    Ornament Home
D37    Usborne Books & More
D38    Texstyle Bags
D39    Owleyes’ Accessories
D40    The Nile
D41    Leath Studios / Leath Chiropractic
D42    Monkeyworks
D43    Sache Clothing and Design
D44    Kindred Spirit Style, Inc
D45    Shelby Farms Park and Greenline
D46    Paradise Products
D47    Lucky Bamboo and more
D48    Naughty Naughty Lingerie
D49    The Purse String
D50    Just 4 You Monograms
D51    Bows By Lisa Luann
D52    Gris Gris Bags
D53    Bohemian Charms
D54-55    SwingBedsOnline
Section E
E1    Michael Rocks Jewelry
E2    Slover Wilson Art
E3    Mid-South Spay & Neuter Services
E4    Jodi’s Creations
E5    Aikdio
E6    OddlyEnough
E7    Running Gag Improv
E8    Skinny Root
E9    TaLula Knits
E10    Soc Creatures by Dara
E11    TanziI Aboriginal Collection
E12    Humane Society/Memphis & Shelby County
E13    Door of Hope, Inc.
E14    Party Girls of Memphis
E15    Cupcakes by Macy
E16    What’s New!
E17    Delta Girl Frames
E18    Baits and Plates
E19    SMA
E20    Hooper Troopers

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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