Get involved with the Festival Friday 4 Miler

This month I’d like to share an actual conversation between me and Tyler, my 12-year-old stepson.

Tyler: “Why are you running so much lately? You hate running.”

Me: “I’m training for the CY Festival Friday 4 Miler next month. I’m running it dressed in a Wonder Woman costume to raise money for the LampLighter.”

Tyler: (With a look of sheer horror and disgust) “Why would anyone give money to see you run in a Wonder Woman costume!?!”

Me: “I’m guessing that some people will think it’s funny.”

Tyler: “There is nothing funny about that at all! I can’t think of anything more embarrassing!”

Me: “Dear, sweet boy. I can always think of more ways to embarrass you. Some day you can tell your therapist all about it.”

Tyler was right about one thing. I really do hate running. But I love the LampLighter more! I just hope that my willingness to drag myself around the race route in an old, 80s style, ill-fitting Wonder Woman costume inspires a few more people to donate to help our beloved, yet struggling, monthly paper. Residents can donate at the CYCA office, to me personally, or donate online. Just go to for more information.

Speaking of the race, I’m so excited that runners are signing up at an even faster pace than last year, and we are well on way to hitting our goal of 2000 runners for our 20th year. I was pleased to find out that a number of our regular race volunteers are choosing to run the race instead, but it has left us needing a good number of people to step up and fill those volunteer positions the night of the race. Please contact Kristan at the office at 901-272-2922 or as soon as possible to volunteer! Now let’s all have an exciting and safe Festival weekend!

June Hurt

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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