CYCA members receive discounts on pet care and good eats

By Renée Massey

In Cooper-Young and around Memphis, we’re finally getting some relief from the intense heat of the recent summer months. As the weather cools and autumn festivities get underway, many of us start thinking about and planning for the holidays. When you visit family in far-away places, will your pets be going with you? If Fido pants, paces, and whines or Fluffy howls and hisses in the car, you may have second thoughts about taking your beloved furry family member on a long trip. Many of our pets are happy travelers, but others need the comfort and security of their own environment. If your furry friend is happier at home, but you plan on traveling this fall or during the holidays, your Cooper-Young Community Association membership can save you some cash, and I’ll tell you how.

Mr. Scruff’s Pet Care offers CYCA members a 15% discount on the purchase of a package of 24 TLC visits. But what if you don’t need 24 visits? When I recently asked Eileen Castine of Mr. Scruff’s Pet Care about her CYCA sponsorship, she said she can even deduct a smaller percentage for those of us who only need a few visits per year or per month. So whether you need pet care while you’re out of town, when you’re working long hours and can’t get home for a pet potty break, or if you need someone to look in on an elderly pet during the normal work day, your CYCA membership can help save money on this service.

When asked why Mr. Scruff’s Pet Care is a CYCA membership sponsor, Eileen told me that she wants to contribute to making Cooper-Young a good place to live. That goes right along with the CYCA mission! Eileen keeps a busy schedule, and the sponsorship allows her to contribute to Cooper-Young even when she doesn’t have enough time to volunteer. She said, “I love living here because Cooper-Young is a vibrant, creative, caring, and diverse neighborhood, filled with people who are always looking for ways to celebrate and better our community and beyond. I feel at home here.” Eileen told me that being a membership sponsor has positively impacted her business because it gives Mr. Scruff’s Pet Care visibility. Community members know who to call when they need home care, even if that is some time in the future. She expressed how rewarding it has been serving our area and meeting caring pet guardians and their furry family members. Because Eileen’s business offers the kind of love and care that comes with knowing pets are family, Mr. Scruff’s Pet Care is very busy during the holidays. If you will need Mr. Scruff’s Pet Care this holiday season, be sure to contact them soon to ensure they will have availability for your pet. Mr. Scruff’s can be reached at 901-725-9216, on the web at, or on Facebook.

Speaking of pets, puppies to be exact, another of our CYCA membership sponsors has the goods to hush your puppies. Along with increasingly famous fried catfish, po’ boys, and fresh vegetables, Soul Fish Café at 862 South Cooper has some of the best hushpuppies in the South. (And where else are you going to get hushpuppies?) Soul Fish Café generously offers CYCA members one complimentary lunch or dinner entrée (up to $7) when a second lunch or dinner entrée of equal or greater value is purchased. Sweet! Oh, and speaking of sweet, did I mention that Soul Fish also has great desserts? The word “popular” does not begin to touch the demand for Soul Fish’s food, and the wait that can be seen outside the restaurant on almost any night will attest to this fact. So if your dogs are barking, take your CYCA membership card to Soul Fish Café and ask them for some hushpuppies with your entrées.

If you’re not yet a member of the CYCA, there is no better time than now to support the special things happening in this neighborhood. Join the CYCA online at, in person at 2298 Young Avenue, or by telephone at 901-272-2922. Your dues are your ticket to the membership card that wins you discounts at local businesses like Mr. Scruff’s Pet Care and Soul Fish Café. Check them out today, and be sure to thank them for sponsoring the organization whose entire mission is to make Cooper-Young a safer and more desirable place to live, worship, work (while your pets are being looked after), and play (like eating at great local restaurants)!


Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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