Volunteers make CY shine at the Festival

By Kristan Huntley

On behalf of the Cooper-Young Community Association, I would like to say thank you to all of our amazing volunteers who helped make the Cooper-Young Festival Friday 4 Miler and the CYCA Festival booth a smashing success! We had a record breaking 1,949 race participants, and the event simply would not have been as fun or as successful without everyone’s help. From the residents who picked up trash on their morning walk to those who contributed several hours handing out t-shirts to runners, volunteers pitched in to make Cooper-Young shine, and we really appreciate it!

Loretta Adain

David Adams

Linda Akin

Connie Arduini

Rena Armour

Tonya Ashworth

Daniel Atlas

Amanda Ball

Emily Bishop

April Boleware

Ben Boleware

Leslie Boone

Demetrius Boyland

Bryan Branch

John Browning

Ty Browning

Nick Canterucci

Karen Capps

Tristan Causey

Brad Christian

Cat Coffman

Georgina Coker

Richard Coletta

Beverly Cooper

Shannon Dixon

Julianna Donahue

Tyler Donnelly

Kevin Fairburn

Kathy Fisher

Travis Fleming

Libby Flynt

Joan Foley

Sarah Frierson

Edward Greene

Ken Grinspun

Mike Hamm

Lee Henderson

June Hurt

Justin Hurt

Tyler Hurt

T. James

Joyce Johns

Diane Jones

Amy Jordan

Bo Jordan

Imhotep Kyser

Terry Lawrence

Kim Lewis

Diane Lloyd

Renee Massey

Scott Massey

Chris McHaney

James Meindl

Rosie Meindl

Michael R. Michaud

Alex Miller

Patrick Miller

Rebecca Montgomery

Te Moore

Mark Morrison

Ken Newman

Giovanni Pazienza

Martha Pool

Doris Porter

Beth Pulliam

Steve Pulliam

Tina Reynolds

Anna Ritz

Kevin Ritz

Carol Robinson

Jamie Rugel

Shirley Sandifer

Monique S. Savage

Katherine Schurch

Ted Schurch

Debbie Sowell

James Sparks

Katherine Turner

Jessica Williams

Wes Williamson

Elizabeth Wilson

Jason Word

Jennifer Word

Emily Wright

Barbara Wyrick

Michael Wyrick

Leasa Young

Jeff Zuber

Sylvia Zuber


Friends at Breakaway Running

Friends at National Alliance of Mental Illness

If by chance I have missed any volunteers, please let me know. We want to make sure you are properly thanked!

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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