MEMBERSHIP SPONSOR: Painted Planet/Healing Planet

By Donna Padgett Bowers

Donna Padgett Bowers was asked to tell the LampLighter a little about Painted Planet and Healing Planet as well as her feelings about Cooper-Young and being a CYCA Membership Sponsor (if you are a CYCA member, Donna will give you a 25% jewelry discount on regularly priced items every time you show your card). Here was her response.

Painted Planet has been in business for almost ten years and started right here in Cooper-Young at the corner of Cooper and Vinton. I don’t believe there is another retail store anywhere around where you can get better art, gifts, and jewelry, or get it at better prices with friendlier service than at Painted Planet. We have layaway and gift wrapping, and we will customize and repair your jewelry. Plus, we’re right here in your neighborhood, within walking distance for most of you.

We support the CYCA because we love them and appreciate all they do in this community. We love being a part of this wonderful neighborhood and seeing familiar faces in our gallery. I have actually watched some of your children grow up and feel like many of you are family rather than patrons.


Painted Planet offers many things to its friends and patrons. We offer colorful, affordable art, unique gifts, and beautiful, handmade jewelry. But we’re so much more than that! We offer art openings each month, and during those openings we provide great food and live music in addition to great art. Our events are always free and everyone is invited. On the second and fourth Saturday nights each month from 8-10pm we offer something called Saturday Night Live at the Planet where selected artists paint live and there’s live music too. It’s held in the fenced-in, private performance area behind the Planet (located at 798 S. Cooper). Folks can bring their kids, their coolers, and their lawn chairs and enjoy live art and music under the stars! We also offer art classes and are getting ready to start again soon with artist/teacher Tonya Angel, one of Painted Planet’s favorite acrylic artists. The upcoming classes will be posted on our Painted Planet Artspace Facebook page.

We have two events coming up that we would like to invite the community to. For This We Give Thanks is our November opening on Friday, November 4 from 8-10pm. Our gallery artists and many local artists have created paintings showing what they are most thankful for. It will be a great Thanksgiving Show with great art, holiday food, and live music. It is free and just in time to get you excited about the holidays. Then on Friday, December 2 from 8-10pm we’ll be showcasing the work of Greg Bowden and Jeff Forbes in Two Men with Paint. Greg is our top selling artist, and his work has been featured all over Cooper-Young. Many folks in CY will also remember Jeff, who was my curator for years when we were located on Young.


A few years into our business I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and during that challenging time my artists loved, supported, and helped me survive it. I knew I had to do the same for others. Healing Planet – Cancer Ministry was born out of the desire to bless others challenged by cancer. If you go on HYPERLINK “” and click on Healing Planet, you can read the whole story of how and why the cancer ministry was started.

As a part of Healing Planet we offer Spa Night on the second Monday each month. We serve a healthy dinner at 6:30pm (sometimes including a nutrition demo) and Spa Night starts at 7pm. The event is free. As soon as women arrive, they sign up for whatever services they want including reflexology, facials, brows, manicures, pedicures, paraffin treatments, foot baths, hand and foot massage, full body massage, spot massage, chair massage, personal training, yoga, nutritional instruction, and prayer. Though we are a Christian ministry, we do not discriminate in any way. No one is asked what their beliefs are, and no one has to participate in prayer if they choose not to.

It’s funny how in the beginning, Healing Planet was just about the pampering and the free services we offer. But now many women come but don’t even get “pampered” by our caregivers. They come for the fellowship, the encouragement, and the prayer. It’s such a blessing to experience what goes on at Spa Night; seeing how these precious women interact with each other, how they touch each other with their words of encouragement, their heartfelt prayers, and their empathy – empathy that can only come from someone who’s been where you are. Some of these women are in total remission, some are newly diagnosed, some are in chemo and radiation now, some have been given little more than a death sentence by their doctors, and some have even left their hospice nurses at home to attend. We’re all at different places on that same road to healing, whether it will be an earthly or heavenly healing. We are all survivors and victors in our own way!

We also are a host site for Look Good Feel Better for the American Cancer Society. This service offers free makeup and healthy beauty products to women who are undergoing chemo and radiation for cancer. At one time Painted Planet was the only host site that was not a doctor’s office or hospital. Our Healing Planet schedule is posted on our Healing Planet – Cancer Ministry Facebook page.

Our top selling artist, Greg Bowden, has created paintings and subsequent prints to raise money for Healing Planet in the past. Recently, Greg brought in his newest creation. The painting is called Resounding Hope, and you can see it on Painted Planet’s Facebook wall. Prints of this painting will be sold during the year to raise money for Healing Planet, which helps us significantly.

After business expenses are paid, the rest of the money we earn goes to Healing Planet. For the last few years there’s not been enough to cover expenses. In response, I’ve sold my personal possessions just to keep the doors open. I have never received one penny in salary or personal compensation. This is totally a labor of love, but with financial times like they are right now, it’s challenging to say the least. We desperately need Cooper-Young residents to embrace us as we embrace them.

I hope with Christmas around the corner, everyone in Cooper-Young will check us out. You will not only find great holiday gifts, but you will have the added satisfaction of knowing that your dollars have blessed women challenged by disease. We welcome your business, and we promise to continue to serve you and this community! For more info about Painted Planet/Healing Planet, check out HYPERLINK “” or search on Facebook for Painted Planet Artspace or Healing Planet – Cancer Ministry. You can also email us at HYPERLINK “” or call us at 901-725-0054.

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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