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By Mary Baker

Neighbors plant flowers, warm spirits in Peabody Park

I am so happy that I was one of a group of Idlewild Neighborhood Association members who gathered in Peabody Park at 9 a.m. Dec. 10. We came there on that frigid 25-degree morning to take the first step toward our vision of planting beautiful flowers surrounding the base of the sculpture in the park.

The morning started when Mike Kauffman drove up in his pickup truck to deliver the tiller we needed to begin preparing the soil in the planting bed around the sculpture. We had not met Mike before, but he is a friend of INA member Alison Powers, who arranged for the tiller to be delivered. This is the cool way that things get accomplished in neighborhoods. We try to assist each other as neighbors whenever and however we can.

Ralph Mueller and I were just arriving when Mike drove up with the tiller in the back of his truck. Almost immediately Rodney Nash, Ava Middleton, Alex Turley, Jerry Brown, Ashley Burkes and John Zelasko arrived at the park. We all brought our garden forks, trowels and shovels. I had on so many layers of clothes, I looked 10 pounds heavier than I really am. We were ready to go to work.

After a couple of hours of work we had our garden spot around the sculpture cleaned of leaves and the soil beautifully tilled. We will return in early March to plant Knockout roses. In April we will add Lantana along the edge of the bed.

Although it was 25 degrees when we came to start working on our garden in Peabody Park, I don’t remember ever being cold. I just remember the warmth of all of us neighbors horsing around while Ralph, Mike and Rodney struggled to get the two-stroke engine on the tiller started. I remember how much fun we had and how beautiful the fresh, tilled earth looked as we prepared to leave. I remember that Alex, Rodney and I stayed for a while to pick up litter in our park before heading home.

Rodney Nash, INA president, said, “The satisfaction from (accomplishments) and socializing during community projects turns work into play. I really enjoy time with my neighbors.”

When the summer season gets here and our roses and flowers are blooming, I will think back on this day. When the butterflies and bees are visiting the flowers for nectar, I will remember all the fun we had on the frigid morning of Dec. 10, 2011.

Harbert house wins first Christmas decoration award

The Idlewild Neighborhood held its first contest in December to award a prize to the person with the best Christmas decorations. Robert Novak, 2028 Harbert Ave., was named the winner.

The prize was an Idlewild Historic District plaque and the pride of being selected as winner.

There were 24 beautifully decorated homes on the list of contestants. It was a hard choice as so many of the homes in Idlewild had great displays of colorful lights, wreaths and other decorations. There are pictures of all 24 homes on the Idlewild Facebook page.

The second annual contest will begin the first week in December 2012. The winner will be selected during the week before Christmas Day.

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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