Letter from the President – February

Dear Various Memphis News Teams,

Thank you for your repeated and unnecessarily blown-out-of-proportion news coverage of our recent “crime wave” in Cooper-Young. The hovering helicopter was a nice touch, and although it scared the bejeezus out of our residents, it did give you guys a lovely 30-second shot of the MPD SkyCop before it was removed three days later. By the way, our crime rate is actually down 11 percent from this time last year. Keep up the good work, though …

All joking aside, it shouldn’t take some sensational news stories to remind us to keep an eye out for suspicious characters and vehicles, to not leave valuables where thieves can see them, and to keep our bushes trimmed back so the boogey man can’t ambush us in our driveways. It is amazing how quickly we can be lulled into complacency when crime “happens” to someone on another block, but we could all be more careful.

On a lighter note, the annual CYCA Board Retreat has come and gone, and we all had a great time planning the events and projects for 2012! On a sadder note, Emily Bishop, our longest-serving board member ever and resident expert on most things Cooper-Young, has officially stepped down for a well-deserved break. Many may not even be aware of the huge impact that her work has had on our community throughout the years, and I personally want to thank her for her years of dedication. I could go on, but Emily is much taller than me, she still lives down the street, and I eat at her restaurant, Stone Soup Cafe, every week. I’m fairly certain that this will embarrass her and possibly aggravate her, so I’ll just say that we love you Emily, and we’ll keep your chair warm for when you decide to come back …and please don’t change your phone number. Thanks! ~ June Hurt

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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