Idlewild Journal: Presenting the Idlewild NA Graffiti Removal Team

By Mary Baker

If you are on your way to Easy Way to get some fruits and vegetables or a cup of coffee at Otherlands you may see three guys on Cooper Street with cans of spray paint in their hands. You might really get alarmed when you see them spraying paint on the railroad trestle and street lamp poles. As a vigilant member of the Midtown community, you may even take a chance on getting close enough to them so you can describe their appearance when you call in a report to the police.

Except now you start to recognize the faces: Rodney Nash, Ralph Mueller and Jerry Brown, all members of the new Idlewild NA Graffiti Removal Team.

Many Idlewild neighborhood residents have expressed concern about graffiti on our railroad trestles, street lamp poles and stop signs. We have discussed several times at our Idlewild neighborhood meetings about the unsightly appearance of it. After a while it can start to look like no one in the neighborhood cares. Some are also worried that the graffiti could be related to gang activity. Of course, we really do care about our neighborhood very much, and we surely want anything related to gangs stopped in its tracks.

Removing graffiti is one of many programs and activities that Idlewild NA has in the works to make our neighborhood clean, safe and beautiful for all its residents and visitors. From time to time we hold neighborhood clean-up events under the railroad trestle near Peabody Park. We clean up leaves and overgrown vines along with broken glass, plastic containers and other trash that tends to build up underneath and near the trestle. We are cultivating the planting bed around the sculpture in Peabody Park and are planning to put in roses and other flowers in the spring.

“We have a growing group of caring neighbors working to beautify our corner of the city,” said Nash, Idlewild president and graffiti team member.”So when it comes to litter, yard debris, pet waste, storm drains and graffiti, please don’t work against us. And feel free to join us. It is very satisfying and we have fun.”

So I recommend tooting your horn a little if you are driving or give a shout and thumbs up if you are walking or riding your bike and you see our graffiti team at work. You can join the team by contacting us at

Come to our Idlewild neighborhood meetings, and see how much fun we have making our neighborhood better. Idlewild NA meets the first Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m.  See you there.


Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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