Letter from the President: In Memory Of …

For quite some time now, fall in Cooper-Young has been the busiest and most exciting time of the year for me. This year we celebrate the 25th year of the CY Festival, the CY 4-Miler is growing every year, they are working on completing the bike lanes as we speak ― and right now I could care less.

This morning, I called the vet to see when I could pick up my dog, Gracie, who was recovering well from recent surgery, and instead found out that she had passed away sometime during the night.

As I sat at home, holding my other aging dog as if she could disappear any second, my phone began beeping at me, reminding me of my monthly letter deadline. Rather than asking someone else to write it for me, I think I chose to write it myself just as a distraction, or maybe just to vent.

Either way, I’m devastated. I don’t want to be funny, uplifting or supportive right now, and I know that most of my neighbors understand why and love me anyway. I’m lucky to have plenty of pet-loving neighbors that I consider family, and I’m certainly not suffering alone.

I consider September to be a celebration of community, neighborly love, and all things Cooper-Young. In a few days, I’ll be back to normal (relatively speaking) and I’ll join the festivities as usual. My condolences to the rest of my family, who love her too and have to deal with my grief, and to my neighbor Edward who, along with his late wife Beverly, allowed Gracie to also live in his home and in his heart.

– June Hurt

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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