Upcoming 4-Miler defines CY

What: Cooper-Young Festival Friday 4 Miler

When: Friday September 14th at 7 p.m.

Where: Starts and ends under the trestle art, but zigzags all across Cooper-Young.

By Chris McHaney

As I sit and ponder my thoughts about what living in CY means to me and why I live here, the Cooper-Young Festival Friday 4 Miler is the cause, reason, and purpose. “Really?” you may ask. “A running event that goes through your ‘hood defines where you want to live?” Short answer, yes!

Now, back to the why. Other than being the largest fundraiser for our nonprofit, the Cooper-Young Community Association, the 4 Miler has the distinction of showing off all that is Cooper-Young.

We have been told the “mission” of the CYCA right? It is to form an association of residents and interested parties to work together to make our diverse and historic community a more desirable and safer place to live, worship, work and play. It’s actually a great way to sum up what the CYCA is all about, but what does it really mean, how is it put into action?

Organizing the 4 Miler, manning a water station, running, helping out with registration, serving food at the party site, being a wave start coordinator, serving beer to runners yes, serving beer are ways that neighbors can come together to help. Or, how about hosting a Light The Way party on the race route, having your business sponsor the 4 Miler, parking your car off the street so the runners have a clear path to run? These are just a few of the things that are put into action from months before the race all the way up to when the last runner leaves Cooper-Young.

Here’s the deal though: I consider myself lucky, I call it rich, because of all of the friends and acquaintances I’ve come to know over my time in CY. I suspect you feel the same way. It’s what makes our neighborhood stand out. We are united in so many ways, yet at the same time, diverse. Not many ‘hoods can say that. We got this way because of events like the 4 Miler. Participation has doubled over the last 5 years and we’re capping the race at 2,500 runners this year.

Maxed out! It’s because of you!

Whether volunteering for the race or hosting a Light The Way party on Sept. 14, you will undoubtedly make new friends. You will get a deeper appreciation of how great our little community can be.

Here’s how to contribute:


Register for the race now: cooperyoung4miler.racesonline.com

Volunteer here: http://tinyurl.com/volunteercy or by calling the CY office at 272-2922.

Want your business to sponsor the 4 Miler or register your Light The Way Party? Email Kristan Huntley at info@cooperyoung.org or call the CY office at 272-2922.

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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