Letter from the President: Looking ahead

After looking back through my letters to the community through the past year or so, I realized that these monthly letters are a somewhat chronicle of my life in the neighborhood. I have been so fortunate to be able to share all the wonderful things happening in CY with my neighbors, as well as the funny and sometimes tragic.

After a number of awkward encounters, my husband, Justin, and I have decided to share that we are parting ways, but intend to remain good friends. By parting ways, I mean he’s moving two blocks down the street, and I will maintain my wonderful relationship with Tyler, the most awesome stepson on the planet. Perhaps he tired of my jokingly referring to him as “the First Lady of Cooper-Young,” or perhaps I tired of hearing endless stories of kayaking and that big fish that got away. Either way, we will always share the love for this community and we will continue to work together — just maybe not quite as close and without incessant bickering about leaving clothes in the floor or who killed the lavender bushes.

I feel optimistic about the rest of the year and have a lofty list of goals to focus on, including: having the most successful art auction ever and getting those solar panels installed on the trestle, touching my toes for the first time ever, and finding someone to teach me how to work my TV (with the three remotes) when my dog sits on one of the remotes and changes the channel two minutes before the end of a show. Seriously, the remote thing is ridiculous, but I do hope to see you all at the art auction on April 13!

–          June Hurt

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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