New doors, paint improve recycling containers

Margot McNeely and Madelein Edwards help volunteers repaint the recycling bins June 26.

Some more big changes are happening to the recycling containers at Walker and Cooper, located in the First Congregational Church parking lot. Some nifty new doors were installed by Signworks to help ensure the recyclables that you worked so hard to gather do not fall out en route to the recycling facility.

This issue tended to be a problem primarily when the containers were very full or paper products were on top of the recycling pile unweighted. But, this is a problem no more thanks to the handiwork of Signworks, made possible through donations from Project Green Fork, Get Green Recycleworks, First Congo, and the Cooper-Young Community Association.

All items placed in the recycling containers will stay there until they make it to Re-Community and not become a part of the litter problem.Artists Kong Wee Pang and Jay Crum are reworking their mural designs slightly to ensure that the doors are smoothly incorporated into their mural. Once those modifications are complete, UrbanArts Commission will organize volunteers to sand and prep the containers for the mural painting process.

The murals are expected to be complete by late July. Margot McNeely of Project Green Fork says that the positive response from the community has been overwhelming.

“Every time I’m at the containers people express gratitude and excitement to have the new containers. When I tell them that we’ll soon have mural art painted on them they are even more excited. It’s been an amazing process seeing this whole project through,” says McNeely.

Project Green Fork wants the containers to continue to be used by everyone — residents and businesses alike. In order for everyone in the community to be able to utilize the containers to their full potential, all of us need to follow the recycling guidelines posted. The primary issue right now tends to be plastic shopping bags placed in the recycling.

Even if you bring your recyclables over in a plastic bag, they cannot be placed in the recycling containers because they interfere with the automatic sorting at Re-Community. You may recycle your plastic shopping bags at Kroger, Target or most other grocery locations. Also, if you can break down your cardboard, that leaves more space for other recyclables, so tear apart that box and crunch it down before putting it in.

This great community recycling facility was made possible through a partnership with Project Green Fork, Get Green Recycleworks, First Congregational Church, Cooper-Young Community Association, Re-Community, Memphis & Shelby County Office of Sustainability and the UrbanArts Commission.

By Kristan Huntley/CYCA

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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