Volunteer spotlight: Kim Halyak

Resident Kim Halyak did her part to make Cooper-Young a more desirable place to live, worship, work, and play this December.  She volunteered at both the Dec. 14 Membership Mailer Stuffing event, where volunteers stuff more than 1,500 envelopes for the annual membership renewal drive, and the Dec. 24 Christmas Bag Stuffing event, where neighbors build goodie bags for the Police and Fire Department emergency personnel who spend their holiday watching over the citizens of this special neighborhood.  Here, Kim shares her reasons for volunteering and her love for the community.
Kim, how long have you lived in Cooper-Young? About eight years.

How long have you been volunteering for CYCA events? Off and on for six years.

What was your most recent CYCA volunteer event? I stuffed goodie bags for the police/firemen on Christmas Eve.

What other CYCA events, if any, have you volunteered for in the past? The Festival Friday 4-Miler run, delivering LampLighter, block captain a couple of years ago.

Any favorite events? I enjoy making the goodie bags for our neighborhood police/firemen, packing bags for the 4-Miler runners, and then cheering them on.

What motivates you to volunteer at CYCA events? Cooper-Young is such an amazing neighborhood full of active, involved people who put their hearts and energies into making it such a great place to live. I want to do my part to keep that feeling going.

What are your favorite things about Cooper-Young?  Walkability to all the shops, delicious restaurants, fun to people watch, the Cooper-Young festival, the July 4th children’s parade, annual art auction.

What do you think makes Cooper-Young special? So many things … the friendly neighbors from all walks of life, diverse points of view, numerous restaurants, bike lanes, artwork, musical venues, book store, the best arts and crafts festival in the city, the LampLighter newspaper,  the energy and vibe that brings people from all over the city here for entertainment.
Join Kim and all the other interesting movers and shakers who work so hard to make life good in Cooper-Young.  If you want to volunteer for the Cooper-Young Community Association, email volunteer@cooperyoung.org or call the CYCA offices at 901-272-CYCA(2922) and leave your name and number.  Happy New Year, Cooper-Young!

By Renee Massey/CYCA

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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