Doris Porter keeps Cooper-Young cool since 1972

Cooper-Young resident Doris Porter has been contributing to the neighborhood’s vibe for literally decades. You’ll find her at most every CYCA meeting, social gathering, and volunteer event.

When asked if she’d answer a few questions for the CYCA volunteer spotlight, she responded in typical Doris Porter fashion, “Well, why not!!”

How long have you lived in Cooper-Young, Doris?  I moved to CY 2-28-72.  (Happy 42nd Cooper-Young anniversary, Doris!)

How long have you been volunteering for CYCA events? Can’t remember how long I have been volunteering, but I can remember my first volunteering for the 4-Miler. It started at Peabody Elementary School, and I gave out the race packets. Betty and I rode in the Pace Car one year. Can you imagine two little old ladies riding in the Pace Car?

What was your most recent CYCA volunteer event? My most recent volunteer job was the membership mailing.What other CYCA events have you volunteered for in the past?

Any favorite events? I am always available for any duties at the CYCA office. Can’t remember when I started delivering the LampLighter, but it was sure good exercise, and I loved meeting the people, cats, and dogs on the route. Worked on the Art Auction many years. I recall cleaning (with Karen Capps) the vacant building where Mulan is now when we were allowed to use it for the Art Auction. Also served as a cashier. Stuffed bags for the police and firemen when we only needed around 35 bags. Worked the festival for many years too.

What are your favorite things about Cooper-Young? What do you think makes Cooper-Young special?  Cooper-Young is the place to reside because of the wonderful people who live here, and they are the most partying bunch of people I have ever seen. They celebrate everything, and most of all, they come together to help each other when they are needed. We also take care of each other’s pets.

What motivates you to volunteer at CYCA events? All of the volunteer jobs are enjoyable because all of the co-workers are fun to be with and are as interested in the community as I am. I don’t need any motivation, just happy to live in Cooper-Young. It’s my “HOOD” and we have all these wonderful restaurants.

Think you can get close to that kind of cool? If you just said, “Well, why not?,” join Doris and the other interesting hipsters who work so hard — and have a good time doing it — to make life good in Cooper-Young.

To volunteer for the Cooper-Young Community Association, email or call the CYCA offices at 901-272-CYCA (2922) and leave your name and number.  Here’s to you, Cooper-Young! Cheers!

– Renee Massey/CYCA

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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