Fix coming for Trestle Art technical glitch

Daurie Schwartz with Schwartz Electric installs LED lights on the sculpture in February.

You may have noticed that the lights on the Trestle Art above Cooper Street were out or very dim for several nights in February. Thanks to the dedication of Daurie Schwartz of Schwartz Electric, we may have discovered the cause and hence, a solution.

The original system designed by Sharp Manufacturing Company is an off-the-grid rechargeable battery system. In other words, the system is not tied to the power grid and generates all of its own power which it stores in a rechargeable battery. The battery will power the lights overnight and recharge when the sun comes out.

What seems to have occurred though during these past few weeks of cloudy weather is that the battery gets so low that it does not have the necessary charge in reserve to initiate the recharge process once the sun is out again. Schwartz would then have to apply a trickle-charger which charges the battery at a low voltage over a day or two. That would allow it to have enough charge to operate properly, but only until the next span of cloudy days.

We requested a technician from Sharp Manufacturing to come back out to check the system they specified. Schwartz’s suggestion, which the technician concurred with, is to install a battery cut-off controller that would turn off the lights at a certain remaining voltage level so that the battery would be guaranteed to have enough voltage to then charge itself back up when the sun was out.

Additionally, since it is possible that the existing battery has been damaged from being depleted so many times, it will be replaced.Both the controller and the replacement battery will be provided from Sharp free of charge.

We apologize for the hiccup and hope to have it corrected soon. Daurie Schwartz and Sharp Manufacturing have both been invaluable in this process and with their help, the environmentally friendly Trestle Art will shine brightly again very soon!

– Kristan Huntley/CYCA

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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