Letter from the president: Life looks different wide-screen

If I remember correctly, I have written here before about embracing change …or not embracing change … or possibly hating change, but not fearing change. It may just depend on how I’m feeling that moment, I guess.

At this particular moment, let’s say that I am tentatively optimistic about not totally hating every single aspect of change. Maybe.

It all started when one of my dogs ate the original remote for my wonderfully ancient, non-high-definition, CRT television, generously donated by Black Lodge Video after my last non-flat-screen TV died. After at least four different universal remotes failed to even recognize its existence as anything remotely electronic, it occurred to me that my plan of replacing all future broken TVs with even-older versions callously discarded by my neighbors was probably not the best plan I’ve ever had to continue watching New Girl.

Simply said, I was a flat screen hater. If I wanted to see something in wide-screen format, I would go to the movie theater.

Long story short, I reluctantly let a friend lead me down the slippery slope of flat-screen ownership, which eventually led to a new receiver, surround sound, a switch box and four remotes that I still don’t know how to use. I’ve since made peace with the new TV, and it inspired me to try more changes.

Mom always said that I wasn’t a “hat” person, but I proved her wrong with the purchase of my new, blue, doggie hat with ears that wiggle when you pump the strap. It is all things awesome and I don’t even care that doggies aren’t blue. (So there, you prepubescent Alex P. Keaton who questioned my fashion sense in Kroger!) More change, please!

Would I like to accept more help with planning and collecting donations for the art auction this year? Yes, please! Am I ready to get my lazy rear end back on my bike and get back in shape again? Hope it’s not too cold. How about going to Mulan and NOT ordering the same sushi that I order every single time I’m there? Let’s not go overboard here.

Come on out and help me embrace more change at one of the many cool March events including an Engraving Day at the CYCA office (featuring our new and improved parking lot), a community cleanup, a Dog Day at the park, and our Artist Reception!
– June Hurt/CYCA president

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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