Letter from the president: A duck walks into the Deli …

This time last year, I looked forward to this month with mixed emotions. The upcoming April CYCA General Meeting will mark the end of three years of serving as your CYCA president. It has been an amazing time for me, and I am so very thankful to have had the honor of working with an exceptional group of men and women, as well as the best dang executive director a Pres could want.

As I prepared to hand over the reins, I knew that not much would change for me because I had no intention of stepping down from the board itself, but just the office. If anything, I was a bit excited about passing on these monthly letters to someone else and maybe getting a few less emails a day.

The past few months, we spent a good bit of time recruiting more board members, and I somehow managed to “June” some existing officers to agree to stick around a little longer than their original terms. Boy, was I proud of myself for that, until I realized that I had somehow “Juned” myself into serving another term, if the membership sees fit to re-elect me. So unless there is some well-planned coup d’etat that I haven’t heard about, it looks like my plans have changed … again.

That loud groan you just heard was our LampLighter editor, David, lamenting the possibility of two more years of my late letters and texts asking him to do things like set his duck loose wearing a tutu so that I have funny subject matter to reference. This month, David was not a team player. Seriously? “A duck walks into The Deli wearing a tutu”… it practically writes itself.

So, once again, the Art for Art’s Sake Auction is almost here, and we hope to get more people than ever to come out and buy some great local art for a great local cause! We still need donations and plenty of volunteers to work the event, so don’t miss out on this great tradition! This year, we even have a special live auction item that is an exciting offer from Kristan and me that is the equivalent of us selling our souls to the auction gods …. insert suspenseful music here … you do NOT want to miss it! See you at the auction!

– June Hurt

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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