Letter From the President: Helping Hands

Last weekend I was reminded how pets can be a total detriment when you are trying to do home repairs. Now, I don’t have cats, but I’ve heard from friends and seen the viral videos of cats putting their butts on everything and knocking things off counters. I can only assume that they will make things equally complicated if you are trying to fix something. However, I can speak from my experience as a dog owner as to how not-helpful dogs can be.

It’s a beautiful, fall day, and my awesome mother has come over to help me rebuild the gate to my backyard. We made our Home Depot run, gathered tools, charged batteries, and mentally prepared for the task at hand. We start by taking the gate off its hinges and laying it down on the driveway. The dogs immediately climb on and lay down. We shoo the dogs away and start dismantling the gate, carefully putting deck screws in neat piles by size so we wouldn’t lose any. Evelyn promptly sits in the middle of the piles and scatters them like buck shot when I scold her. Cooper then sits on mom’s drill and proceeds to lick her face until she almost falls backward into the flowerbed.

Every time I started to relocate the dogs inside, they would grab the first dog toy they saw, innocently lay down in the grass, and start chewing. This process easily cost us an hour of daylight before the project was completed. What I hope is MUCH less complicated, is the CY Annual Food Drive on Saturday, November 22. Get your bags of non-perishables ready or your credit card out to make a much-needed donation to the Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry at First Congo. It sure feels great to help people in our own neighborhood! But please, leave your pets at home. —June Hurt


Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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