Meditation can improve life in numerous ways

Meditation is an ancient practice. Some have said that it dates back to 2,600 years BC. During meditation, awareness can be heightened while the mind remains alert yet calm. Meditation is commonly known for it’s foundation in Buddhism and has gained a considerably wide acceptance in modern Western society. It benefits us on many levels.

The Huffington Post recently cited an article entitled “The Neuroscience of Meditation: How it Changes the Brain, Boosting Focus and Easing Stress” in the November 2014 issue of Scientific American. The Huffington Post writes:  “Now countless peer-reviewed studies have cataloged the many physical and mental health benefits of the practice, which include reduced stress, relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression, improved attention and working memory, improved sleep quality and emotional well-being and enhanced immune system function.”

Several meditators from the Buddhist Memphis Western Sangha at Quan Am Monastery can testify to the benefits they have gained from meditation.

A gentleman reported that meditation allows him to know himself and realize his place within the order of things. It helps him to gain a deeper insight into human behavior and thereby feel greater compassion for others. A young mother states that her meditation practice is the only thing that got her through a very severe health crisis with her family members. And another middle-aged gentleman states that he was on a destructive path and channeled his stress into poor food choices and eating habits, as well as into his growing dependence on other toxic substances. In his opinion, if he had not met the monk at Quan Am Monastery to learn meditation practice and changed his behavior to value himself physically, mentally, and emotionally, then he might not be here today.

Buddhist Memphis Western Sangha offers Meditation at Quan Am Monastery at 6pm every Friday and at 10am every Sunday. Strengthen your meditation practice and see how your life begins to improve.

Location: Quan Am Monastery, 3500 S. Goodlett Street, Memphis, TN 

10 minutes from U of M; 12 minutes from Midtown/East Memphis 

Phone:  (901) 679-4528 Email:  Facebook

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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