Cooper-Young Festival map and vendors directories

CYF Booth Map A


By Trestle

Uncle C’s: roasted corn on the cob, flavored ice

Elzey Entrance

Nutty Bavarian: roasted and flavored nuts

East Evelyn

Wild Bill’s Old Fashion Sodas: flavored sodas

A Square Meal on Wheels: tacos

Children’s Area

Pronto Pups: Pronto Pups and soft drinks

West Nelson

Flavor Island: snow cones

East Nelson

Makeda’s Cookies: butter cookies

Begley Dogs: grilled bratwurst and drinks

Bank Parking

Uncle Lou’s: fried chicken and drinks

Maxwell’s Concessions: funnel cakes, lemonade, snow cream, cotton candy, and drinks

Pronto Pups: Pronto Pups and soft drinks

Italian Sausage: Italian sausage and soft drinks

Dixon Lemonade: lemonade, nachos, cotton candy, funnel cakes, snow cones


La Cubanita: empanades and soft drinks

Maxwell’s Concessions: gyros, lemonade, and soft drinks

Maxwell’s Concessions: funnel cakes, lemonade, snow cream, cotton candy, and drinks

First Congo

Pronto Pups: Pronto Pups and soft drinks

Crepe Maker: handmade crepes, assorted fillings, and soft drinks

Maxwell’s Concessions: hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken fries, cotton candy, and soft drinks

Kettle Corn: popcorn, plain and flavored

Dixon Lemonade: lemonade, nachos, cotton candy, funnel cakes, and snow cones


Twiniques Cake: sweets

Uncle C’s: fried green tomatoes, catfish and french fries, and ice treats


A001 Commerical Appeal

A002 Verizon Wireless

A003 Sweet Grass

A004, A005 CYCA

A006 Adam Exelbierd

A007 House of Mews

A008,A009 Dottie Harness

A010 Rachel Stovall

A011 Ryan Pleso

A012 Michelle Duckworth

A013 Daniel Tacker

A014 Edward Wade

A015 Brandon Sams

A016 Billy Moore

A017, A18 Hammer and Ale

A019 Sponsor

A020, A021 Connie Buchanan

A022, A023 John Baker

A024 Jayne Geranios

A025 MLC Pottery and Mosaics

A026 Buckeye Hollow

A027 Cede Prints

A028 & A029 Cindy Uphoff & Nicola Tupis

A030 Tatia Johnson

A031 Marjorie Mebane

A032 Lisa Lumb

A033 WEVL FM 89.9

A034, A035 Celtic Crossing

A036 iHeart Media Radio

A037 Sarah Mullins

A038 A Ginns Elements

A039 Rhilee Creative

A040, A041 Mary Joyce

A042 Dylan Kail

A043 Clifford Paulk

A044 Hand Lettered With Love

A045 Melissa Chipman

A046 art is relative

A047, A048 Me & Mrs. Jones

A049 Jenean Morrison Art & Design

A050 Sarah Baumann

A051 Ben C. Vitualla

A052 Midtown Massage

A053 Clay bush

A054 KC Creations

A055 Allison Ross

A056 Joyce’s Castile Creations

A057 Lenora Thomas

A058 insectsy

A059 Sandra Lorenz

A060 Camp Bow Wow

A061 Southland Gaming and Racing

A062 Rebecca Phillips

A063 Marokel Industrial Design/ Mary OKelly

A064 Eric Echols

A065 Smith’s Antiques & Collectables

A066 Jennifer Stone

A067 Tara Seals

A068 Sarah Terry and Maria Haley

A069 & A070 Anne and Joe Smith

A071 Debra O’Donnell

A072 Elaine Neeley

A073 & A074 Wanda Young

A075 Mary Glynne Massey & Leigh Anne Murray

A076 Jan Shivley

A077 Chad Irwin

A078, A079 Fern Brown

A080 Natalia Shlonimskaya

A081 & A082 ReNewed Intent

A083 Cooper Cottage Daycare

A084 Hearts As One

A085 kay vassar

A086,A087 Stephanie Hill

A088 Sonya Williams

A089 Jeanne Floyd

A090 Bath Fitter

A091 Memorial Park

A092 REvival Jewelry

A093 Sew Pretty

A094 Cosgrove and Lewis Soaps

A095 Verlinda’s Home Crafts

A096 Earthcrafts

A097 Jannet McCullar

A098 Jen Winfrey

A099 The Electic Artist

A100 The Chester Drawer

A101 Caroline Hobbs

A102 & A103 Rhonda harris

A104 Garden of Aden

A105 Donald Golden Photography

A106 & A107 Harry Hartwig

A108 Pat Gibson

A109 John D. & Francews         E. Schneider

A110 Hailey Morris

A111 Castle Delites

A112 Pomegranate Moon


A114 Brenda Cowans

A115 Nutty Bavarian

A116 & A117 Jimmy and Sara Rutherford

A118 Patricia Loureiro

A119 Joy Wright

A120, A121 Alchemy

A122 Jenifer Loschinskey

A123, A124 Dell Clark

A125 Burke’s Book Store

A126 Vernon wood

A127 Playhouse on the Square

A128 TN Lottery

A129 Shelby Farms Park Conservancy

A130 James Richardson

A131 Gurleygurl Design

A132 Murray Wilson

A133 Suzanne Schmidle

A134 Imagine Brazil

A135 Mike Jones

A136 Direct Insurance

A137 Wanda Brewer

A138 Shakedown Shirts

A139 Carrie Schule

A140 John Paul Daniel

A141 Kristi Bauer

A142 Tinamaria Paintings

A143, A144 Cooper Young Glassworks

A145 Overton Park Conservancy

A146, A147 Pronto Pups

A148 Beth Horton

A149 Susan Hood

A150 Havana Mix Cigar

A151 Glo Medical Aesthetics

A152 Kevin Baldwin

A153 Garden Art

A154 The Apothecary Fairy

A155 CBFord

A156 Original Art by Dana and Melanie

A157 Powers Design and Studio

A158 Tim Bowers

A159 Hieroglyph

A160, A161 MGLCC

A162 Mid-South Men’s Health Org

A163 & A164 Kingfish Metal Works

A165 Awesome Laundry

A166 Deidre Mitchell

A167 & A168 Gary Jackson

A169 Midtown Glassworks

A170 & A171 Brooks Creations

A172 Lori Cook Art

A173 & A174 Dan CarLee Market

A175, A176 Memphis Drum Shop

A177 Sponsor

A178 Stacy Hawthorne

A179 Konrad Hughes

A180 Paulette Regan

A181 Robert McCarroll

A182 Bryan Blankenship

A183 Erica Bodine

A184 Crochetmoi’

A185 Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis

A186, A187 Soul Fish Café

A188 Patty Cake Hairbows

A189 Derek Laird

A190 Kara Rivera

A191 Wolf River Conservancy

A192 Mary B Pottery/ Nautilus Pottery

A193 & A194 WC and Cornelia McDaniel

A195 Memphis Threat

A196 CVS Health

A197 Memphis Bonsai Society

A198 Creative Design

A199 Trashed cookies

A200 Wineaux Wear

A201 Steve Womack State Farm Insurance

A202, A203 A Square Meal on Wheels

A204 Casually Cashmere

A205 Pillow Tees

A206 Johnna Phelps

A207 City Market

A208 GrrlPunch

A209 Kim Obman

A210 & A211 james c savary

A212 Lisa Robinson

A213 The Moose Shed

A214 Janelle Holoch

A215 Lauren Rae Holtermann

A216 Darby Drake Jewelry & Design

A217 Janet Densford

A218 Tukabear Treats

A219 New World Henna

A220 Eric Lewellyn

A221 Winking Girl Designs

A222 David Johnson Ceramics

A223 Jearl Cromeans

A224 Tart

A225 Ed Benton

A226 Tim Cranford Creations

A227 Kimberly Fox Studios

A228 Chelita Burnett

A229 Waters Edge Jewelry by Emily Leiter

A230 Molly Van Roekel

A231 The Orpheum Theatre

A232 Licker License

A233 Lisa Griffin

A234 Dorothy Collier

A235 Handbound

A236 Sam Bahre

A237 Cooper Street 20/20

A238 Rootees

A239 Phillip Ashley Chocolates

A240 N harmony jewelry

A241 Rick Cannon

A242 Holly Johnson

A243 Lauren Huggins

A244 Mass Consumption Design

A245 Deborah Foshee

A246 Jeri Anne Huffstutler

A247 Shiloh Thompson

A248 Zach Williams

A249 Chris Chastain

B001 Mewtopia Cat Rescue

B002 Mo’s Bows

B003 Craig & Tracy Wilson

B004 Kenny Hays

B005 Copper creations

B006 Dustin Michael Headrick

B007 Nancy Lee

B008 Shayne McCarter

B009 Anne Evers

B010 & B011 David McCandless

B012 Ryan D. Merrill

B013 Coliseum Coalition

B014 BoxBoy

B015 Red Lizard Farms/ Susan Collier

B016 ARCHd

B017, B018, B019, B020 Open Space

B021 Bob X Art

B022 Beth Culpepper

B023, B024 Ray Rico Freelance

B025 Memphis Fitness Kickboxing

B026 Wizard’s

B027 Go Ape

B028 Dustin Maxwell

B029 J. Rodney Leath

B030, B031 Goner Records

B032 Lester Jones

B033 Greencork

B034 Canale’s Antiques

B035, B036 Halford Loudspeakers

B037 Stephanie Sain

B038 Youngblood Studio

B039 Yellow Wood Wares

B040 Elke Longsworth

B041, B042 Java Cabana

B043 Lauren Smith

B044 Loudean’s

B045 Lalosh Silver

B046 & B047 Brooke Ward Designs

B048 Indie Memphis

B049 Stacye Shelby-Reese

B050 Memphis & Shelby Cty Humane Society

B051 Lisa Greenhaw

B052 Gino Pambianchi

B053 Tissue box couches by Lynn

B054 Jessica Humphreys/ JH Artwear & Designs

C001 Summerwinds Resorts

C002 Lens Rentals

C003 In Stitches

C004 Tim Pace ECO ART

C005 Jim Porterfield

C006 Lisa Hudson

C007 Allie Cat Arts


C009 Megan McNeely

C010 The Hanna Company

C011 LeKeith Sauces

C012 & C013 Tracy Parish

C014 Samilia Colar

C015 Turtle shell pottery

C016 Elizabeth Hutcheson

C017 Mr. Hyde’s Custom Leather

C018 & C019 Nathan Black /Leaves by Laura

C020 Kathy Barber

C021 Nikolai Plavski

C022 Havana Mix Cigar

C023,C024 Stone Soup Café

C025 Jacquilin smith

C026 Puppyup

C027 Allison Britt

C028 Mark Mckie

C029 Marlene Bell

C030 Valerie Whitman

C031 Victoria lenning

C032, C033 Mulan Bistro

C034, C035 Beauty Shop

C036 Bar DKDC

C037 Memphis Heritage

C038 Tootsie Bell

C039 Jennifer Hyatt Whimsical Garden

C040 Joshua Samuels

C041 Andrea Manard

C042 Meredith Wilson Art

C043 Lingotopia

C044 Nancy Apple

C045 Revolutions Bike Shop

C046 St Jude Children’s Hospital

C047 Voices of the South

C048 United Campus Workers

C049 RC Creations


C051 Sally Blancq

C052 Scentsy

C053 Gals With Knives

C054 Old House Glass Works

C055 Donna baucum

C056 Ekata Designs

C057 Sierra Club Chickasaw Group

C058,C059 Bike Racks

C060 Friends For Life Corporation

C061 Spicer Brothers Woodworking

C062 & C063 Barbara Rowland

C064 Paula Mistretta

C065 Alec Wilson

C066 Whimsical Lights

C067 Boyd/Randolph

C068,C069 Food

D001 Church Health Center

D002 Kevin Tucker

D003 Lynne Mikita

D004 Two Bits Design Co.

D005 Transformations Autism Treatment Center

D006 Crafty Chicken


D008 The Rusted Nail

D009 just 4 you gifts galore

D010 Caitlin Coney

D011 jggregory

D012 Holly & Ivy

D013 Kate morrison

D014 tamka Ikagbara

D015 Delta Divas LLC

D016 moe bonin

D017 Rachel Ogunba

D018 yvonne hunt

D019 Mississippi River ccrrd

D020 Jennifer Wolflin

D021 Citizens to Preserve Overton Park

D022 Lisa Bandy

D023 Amy-Beth Rice

D024 The Nile

D025 Michele LaMachio

D026 Patrick thompson

D027, D028 Keith davenport

D029 Sammantha Archibald Stafford

D030 brandon moss

D031 Brandie Williams

D032 & D033 Marlene Liverett

D034 Boxwood Brake

D035 & D036 Pam Johnson

D037 Jenna Talarico

D038 Ellen Crockarell

D039 Cotton’s Cafe Dog Treat Barkery

D040 Margaret Lola Warren

D041 Laura Teague

D042 Lucy Mae Originals

D043 Eva’s Body and Bath

D044 Rene Miller

D045 Choices. Memphis Center

D046 nathan parten

D047 Robin Grattidge

D048 Charles Patterson

D049 WM Walking Sticks and Canes

D050 Deborah Tacker

D051 Julie Holland

D052 Karen LeBov-Keeler

D053 Rocky Jackson

D054 Letsgomemphis

D055 Michellle Hutchinson

E001 Hooper Troopers

E002 Michael Rocks Jewelry

E003 Atomic Mama by: Rachel Griasnti

E004 Kim Holliday

E005 Danny Sitton

E006 Morfee Jewelry

E007 Dusty Jonakin

E008 Gitana Girl

E009 Lurker (Hall in the Family)

E010 Rika Woodworks

E011 Dale Summers

E012 Kathleen Carey/Stellaware

E013 Brittany’s Frames

E014 Funlola Coker and Kristen Rambo

E015 Memphis AAZK

E016 Memphis Freethought Allience

E017 Danielle Sierra

E018 6:21 Treasures

E019 Taropop

E020 Snijden

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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