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By Kim Halyak

By the time you read this, February is here, and you have already dropped most of your heartfelt resolutions for 2017. You’re not alone, about 78 percent of all resolutions are never completed. Most resolutions need daily or weekly commitment, a task too hard for most people to stick with.

May I suggest an easy resolution that comes with so many positive benefits you’ll actually look forward to doing it? It requires a minimum of 1-2 hours and as infrequently as once a month. What resolution am I talking about? Volunteering with the Cooper-Young Community Association! This year resolve to volunteer in Cooper-Young!

Why should you volunteer in Cooper-Young? The best reason is you help solve problems here in our own neighborhood. This makes life better for you, your family, and your neighbors. Volunteering builds great friendships, closer neighbors, and a stronger community. Your efforts result in tangible results you can see. This inspires others to get involved. It’s a wonderful way to share your talents and discover unknown skills as you tackle important projects. Don’t be surprised that you feel happier, healthier, and with a stronger sense of purpose. Volunteering feels good!

What can I do to help? There are ample volunteer opportunities no matter your time, energy, or pocketbook restraints. Try one or all these and notice the positive impact you create in Cooper-Young:

Like physical labor or working with your hands?

Join the CYCA “Yard-A-Month” Program (1-2 hours a month) and help needy neighbors reclaim their yard.

Participate in the seasonal alley clean-up, especially if it’s your alley.

Stuff bags for the Festival 4 Miler.

Stuff membership envelopes in December.

Stuff holiday goody bags for our police and firemen at the December meeting.

Help build + repair bikes (training provided) at Revolutions Bike Co-op.

Help hang art for the Young Artists Contest at Peabody Elementary.

Help with the Cooper-Young Festival 4 Miler.

Help with Beer Fest.

Help with the Garden Walk.

Like writing?

Write articles for the Lamplighter or Midtown Living Magazine.

Like artistic endeavors?

Paint leaves for the arboretum project.

Create art in the neighborhood.

Start a craft club for youth or adults.

Purchase art from Cooper-Young artists.

Like helping youth?

Tutor at Peabody Elementary, Fairview Middle, or Central High.

Start an after-school program/camp for students.

Hire CYCA teens for your business.

Teach a craft or skill.

Help with the Peabody Bike Ambassadors program.

Like solving problems?

Join a CYCA committee (Beautification, Beer Fest, Block Clubs, Building, Code Awareness, Communications, Festival 4-Miler, Finance, Safety, Membership)

Join CYNW neighborhood watch committee to make our neighborhood safer.

Attend CYCA meetings.

Find homes for homeless pets.

Create a Cooper-Young Tree app for our arboretum.

Like building community?

Host a porch party.

Host a neighbor night out event.

Be a block captain.

Deliver the Lamplighter.

Be a Garden Walk docent.

Offer to ride neighbors to events.

Throw a “Light the Way” party for the Festival 4 Miler

Cheer and provide water to neighborhood marathon racers.

Compliment encouragement for neighbor’s efforts to improve our community.

Like beautifying the neighborhood?

Keep the street gutters clear of leaves and trash.

Pick up street litter.

Paint over vandalism.

Help decorate for the holidays.

Help with the arboretum project.

Participate in neighborhood cleanups.

Plant flowers, native plants, and trees.

Be a Garden Walk host.

Have more money than time?

Join the CYCA ($20 a year) to fund community projects.

Advertise in the Lamplighter.

Donate food and money for our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive.

Become a Lamplighter benefactor/trestle tender.

Support community fundraisers, i.e., Pints for Peabody, Garden Walk, etc.

Support ioby projects sponsored by Cooper-Young residents.

Buy a Kroc Center membership for disadvantaged neighborhood family.

Collect box tops for Peabody Elementary School.

Use your Kroger Plus card to benefit the CYCA or Peabody School.

If you are a regular Cooper-Young volunteer, thank you! Please know your efforts to improve our neighborhood are greatly appreciated, even if they go unsung.

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to lend your talent, passion, energy, and/or money to our neighborhood, what’s stopping you? If everyone, young and old, volunteered 1-2 hours a month here in Cooper-Young, what would we have to complain about? This year commit to volunteering your time, money, and energy to Cooper-Young. It will be the easiest and most rewarding resolution you’ve ever stuck with!

Author: LampLighter

The voice of Cooper-Young, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to live, work and play, in the heart of Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

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